Student Testimonials

"I started in the 5th grade at North Asheville Christian School and in 2009 was in the first graduating class. It was a privilege to be part of a lot of first time events at school and to be the first class to become alumni. North Asheville Christian School gave me a great education, a senior trip of a life time to the Holy Land of Israel where I had the opportunity to see my bible come to life, a lot of wonderful memories, and above all taught me Christian Values and how to be of service to others. Today I am proudly serving in the United States Air Force where I practice Integrity First, service before self and excellence in all I do."
Andy Rice
United States Air Force
Class of 2009

"A desire to incessantly follow after Jesus and a love for others was what I learned at North Asheville Christian School. Praying, encouragement, fellowship was a daily part of my life, and I wanted to continue that in college and throughout my life. Not only were my teachers involved but my coaches. I was taught to use volleyball and basketball to glorify God for He gave the talent to me. I want to constantly thank North Asheville for giving me a faith that can move mountains, teachers that to this day are praying for me, and friends who I will have for the rest of my life. "
Helen Royal
Truett-McConnell University
Class of 2013, Valedictorian

"I could not have chosen a better school to attend than North Asheville Christian School. I attended NACS from Kindergarten all the way through 12th grade and my experience there was wonderful. Growing up there made that campus my second home and my teachers and fellow classmates were exactly that, my second family. North Asheville Christian prepared me for further schooling at Montreat College where I have received a great academic scholarship to help pay for my undergraduate degree in business management. I consider myself very blessed to have graduated from such a Christ-centered school where I was challenged to pursue my relationship with Christ and grow closer to Him in my thirteen years of schooling."
Alex Dykes
Montreat College
Class of 2012, Valedictorian