Discipleship Groups

Philosophy In an effort to be faithful to Scripture and obedient to the command of Jesus to make disciples outlined clearly in Matthew 28:16-20, we as a school have embarked on a journey that we believe is designed by God to prove our allegiance to Him and His Word, and one in which we believe will bear kingdom fruit that will impact both time and eternity.

It goes without saying that making disciples is usually left to the “church”. However, if we as the “church” are going to be vigilant and passionate about honoring the Lord, we must no longer see the “church” as just the group that meets on Sundays and Wednesdays . We must align our beliefs with those of the New Testament and recognize that the “church” referred to in Scripture is really talking about the local body of believers. In our case, our school family.

We believe that in order to be faithful and obedient to God and His Word, discipleship must take a predominant place in our ministry. We are excited to offer small, gender and grade specific discipleship groups (D- Groups). Students in grades 4-12 are divided into such grade and gender specific groups.

D-Groups meet most Wednesdays during our chapel time. During the week, students are expected to engage in study. After which, each group will meet on Wednesday with their D- Group and D-Group Leader to discuss material covered for that particular week. Each group is designed to foster an atmosphere of learning, trust, transparency and accountability. As you know, this takes time and does not always happen immediately. Therefore, we know some of our goals will only be reached as we labor and cultivate the soil of the hearts of these students over time. We are committed to our obedience to the Great Commission and trust God with the fruit and results.