Building Disciples

RMCA is committed to understanding that God uses His Word to bring about obedience expressed in biblical conversion and ongoing sanctification. It is our deep desire to effectively teach God’s Word to our students in context, with both clear interpretation and practical application, therefore developing a biblical worldview. We know that people cannot rightly respond until they properly understand God’s Word. Our desire is that students would clearly understand the high cost of aligning themselves with Jesus Christ (in both conversion and sanctification) and that they would gladly submit to the call of Jesus to be a disciple and make disciples of the nations.

Vital to our discipleship strategy is the partnership with the home in order to have the most substantial impact on the lives of our students. We believe that discipline and discipleship are both ultimately the parent’s responsibility. In order for these efforts to be maximized, God has graciously called RMCA to assist our families in raising godly children who have hearts that beat for the things of God.

Believing that discipline is a process by which students are guided to develop Christ-like characteristics, each student is encouraged and guided to become internally governed through example and precept. Biblically-modeled goals of discipline for discipleship help our students understand how the impact of their actions has negative and positive consequences upon others and themselves. Outward actions and hidden motives behind choices and decisions are carefully examined in light of scripture. We discuss with students how to strengthen our walk with Christ by steps of confession, repentance, forgiveness and restoration. Discipleship means choosing to do the right thing because it brings honor to the Lord.

We make stringent efforts to provide clear expectations for every facet of our student body. We understand that students will make wrong choices and our goal is to help them recognize their sinful actions and avoid this action in the future. Students must conference with teachers, administrators, discipleship group leaders, our pastors and or with parents to discuss repentance, reconciliation with God and others, and consequences for repeated wrong choices.