High School

Grades 9th-12th

8:25 am -3:15 pm

Upper School Students are challenged to build on their spiritual foundation and to exact truth to live 1 Peter 3:15, growing spiritually as they develop their academic abilities. The goal of the upper school division is to provide the highest quality educational experience for students in ninth through twelfth grades to the praise and glory of God.

There are several guiding principles:

To provide a academically challenging curriculum for all students
• To insure safe and supportive school environments for all students and staff
• To offer an opportunity for every student to have a caring and mentoring relationship with their staff that will contribute to their development as mature and responsible Christians
• To promote effective and cooperative parent-school communication

We give you our total commitment and resources to work with you to help all students achieve success during their upper school years. Our door is always open if we can be of assistance. Behold He comes!