The NACS Chess Club meets every Monday from 3:15 until 4:15. New members are always welcome at any time, and will be given every

opportunity to learn and grow. Teaching is done with Christian themes and values woven into the learning experience. The cost is only $5 per session.

Chess has an extensive research history with regard to positively affecting cognitive development, memory, concentration, and improving grades in school. 600 million people play Chess in the world, 285 million play via the internet, 60 million play in the US, and 45 million school age children experience Chess in clubs such as ours throughout the country. Chess is a cross generational and cross cultural experience that provides a lifetime of enjoyment.

Our NACS Chess Club began as a 16 week project. At the end of the training period, the kids loved it and wanted to continue. They elected officers and regularly meet under supervision of Roger Price, our US Chess Federation Certified Coach.

For more information on the chess club, please email Email Roger Price or call 713-0877.