Elementary School

Elementary School at Reynolds Mountain Christian Academy is a place of growing, learning, laughter and joy. Our elementary hallways are filled with the excitement of young minds and hearts at work and play. The learning environment while challenging, is extremely nurturing and traditional in style. Core subjects on the elementary level include English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, History, and Bible. Biblical principles are woven intentionally through each academic subject, providing a strong biblical foundation. Enrichment to the core curriculum will include physical education, technology and media instruction .

Our elementary faculty bring to the classroom years of teaching experience and strong teaching credentials. All elementary teachers are certified through the Association of Christian Schools International. Each classroom is blessed as well with a teaching assistant, bringing an additional level of caring and safety to the classroom. Small class sizes enhance the learning environment allowing students to form valuable relationships with both peers and teachers.

Sixth Grade is included in our elementary program as a transitional year. These "tweens" are given opportunites to become more independent and to lead our elementary students. During the year, still under the nurture of one teacher, they learn the procedures of middle school and begin preparing for this miliestone in their life. The transition to seventh grade becomes much less overwhelming and students exhibit stronger confidence as they enter middle school.